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  • Tri-Valley Iron Inc. is one of the largest reinforcing iron specialty companies in the Hudson Valley of New York State.
  • Tri-Valley Iron, Inc. is a New York State Certified WBE and a City of New York Certified WBE.
  • Tri-Valley Iron, Inc. has the ability to supply, fabricate onsite and install the reinforcing iron on any size project.
  • Tri-Valley Iron, Inc. is a New York State Dept. of Transportation Approved Subcontractor.
  • Tri-Valley Iron installs miscellaneous iron and metal panel buildings when requested and maintains a fully equipped welding trailer, and owns four hydraulic bending machines for onsite fabrication.
  • Tri-Valley Iron, Inc. is a union company, employing only qualified, apprentice trained Union Ironworkers, primary affiliation with Ironworkers Local 417 in Wallkill, NY.
  • Tri-Valley Iron employs between 5-8 trained Foremen enabling TVI to break down the work and simplify the installations. Tri-Valley Iron employs a typical core group of 15-25 Ironworkers as regular employees but adds or reduces staff as required for the project.
  • Tri-Valley Iron is and has always been completely current with paid Union Benefits, as may be attested by Ironworkers Local 417. (A statement many companies cannot truthfully make in this day and age.)
  • The principals of Tri-Valley Iron have over 35 combined years in reinforcing and construction experience. Each is responsible for an area of expertise insuring a smooth progression of the work and fulfillment of the company’s needs.
  • Tri-Valley Iron is fully automated to provide computerized Certified Payrolls as well as Monthly Utilization Reports.
  • Tri-Valley Iron is a non-discriminatory employer.

Tri-Valley Iron, Inc. celebrates its 20th Anniversary in business in February, 2017

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